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Scorpicorn Studios LogoThe Scorpicorn, part scorpion, part unicorn… all awesome!!! This is where we at Scorpicorn Studios draw our inspiration from when creating our comics. This site represents a collaborative effort between comic creators and enthusiasts in bringing original creator-owned content to the public domain. It is our hope that readers will all find something that they truly enjoy here in our little corner of the webcomic universe.

2 thoughts on “About Scorpicorn

  1. Whopps! That is a bit embarrassing lol… I’ve at least removed the most obviously outdated part…It’ll give me time to mull over the rest of the copy and how I want to update that as well. I guess this proves to keep reviewing all areas of your website 😛
    At least we’ve got our friend Jazzy checking things out and keeping us in ship-shape! Thanks M’lady!!

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