It took me awhile to work myself up for this announcement… Unfortunately, my beloved dog Pooka passed away at the end of August. A master moocher, pioneer of the patented ‘air kiss’ technique, and model for Tattoo’s Apollo, she is and will always be greatly missed. After her cancer diagnosis I knew her passing away was coming sooner than later but I still was not prepared for it when the time came, it’s been a struggle. As for the comic, stay tuned I plan on wrapping this chapter up in the next couple weeks and then we can finally move onwards to new chapters and stories. Thank you everyone for your patience, and if you have a furry member of your family, please give them a hug (or belly rub) for me.


Con exploration

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Well it’s been awhile since I’ve made a general blog post that hasn’t been in relation to a new comic page or whatnot… Anyways 2013 was the year of research and promotion because there is a lot to learn on this whole webcomic thing. Probably will always be a learning curve which is good I guess 😛

Anyways Amanda and I got a chance to check out Con Bravo for the first time and really enjoyed the experience. There was a nice cross section of things on offer and I loved seeing so many fellow comic book artists and creators out there promoting themselves. The vibe was quite nice and I was able to stop and chat with others in the field which isn’t something all Con atmospheres allow for (At least for someone like me who gets lost easily in the shuffle).

So I’m really looking forward to checking out all my spoils and getting into some new webcomics :D.

Site building

Well I’ve been busy working on sprucing up the website. I’ve updated the Scorpicorn header on the main page not to long ago and now I’ve been working on some other improvements. Some obvious and some a little more behind the scenes. Thanks to http://subtlepatterns.com for the awesome and free background images. A great resource for anyone who lacks the patience to plan out a pattern that tiles seamlessly like me.

Still looking into some other items on my website wish list, but as always I’ll try to avoid being disruptive as much as possible… Anyways stay tuned! – Maddog

We’re back from Anime North

Whew just got back from the Conand had a great time this weekend, can’t wait to go back next year 😀 Anyone new to the site welcome and enjoy! Both Amanda and I are relatively new to the webcomics world so let us know what you think 😉 I can’t believe how many people there was this year and we were totally in awe of all the great cosplayers we saw, amazing stuff! It’s really amazing to see the love of anime has grown into such a great (and big) community. Quite impressive when I think back to when I first attended Anime North when it all began (yes I’m getting on in years now T_T).

Anime North

So by some miracle Amanda and I have managed to score a table in the Artist Alley at Anime North! Just when we had given up any hope of the waiting list actually coming through for us too. I guess that goes to show that sometimes sticking it out can pay off.

So moving forward we have to make up for lost time! Apparently a result of thinking something is a lost cause is you don’t prepare… This will entail intense labour on many things from creating more items for sale to trying to fix things that aren’t quite right on the site. I will try to do this when it is least obtrusive but my apologies if things seem really wacky on a future visit. I promise it won’t be messed up for long :\

Well we’ll keep you posted on our progress and hope to see you at Anime North later in May!