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Con exploration

Tattoo Finnegan has a Facebook page so give it a like and check it out at Well it’s been awhile since I’ve made a general blog post that hasn’t been in relation to a new comic page or whatnot… Anyways 2013 was the year of research and promotion because there is a lot to learn on this whole webcomic

Site building

Well I’ve been busy working on sprucing up the website. I’ve updated the Scorpicorn header on the main page not to long ago and now I’ve been working on some other improvements. Some obvious and some a little more behind the scenes. Thanks to for the awesome and free background images. A great resource for anyone who lacks the

We’re back from Anime North

Whew just got back from the Conand had a great time this weekend, can’t wait to go back next year 😀 Anyone new to the site welcome and enjoy! Both Amanda and I are relatively new to the webcomics world so let us know what you think 😉 I can’t believe how many people there was this year and we

Anime North

So by some miracle Amanda and I have managed to score a table in the Artist Alley at Anime North! Just when we had given up any hope of the waiting list actually coming through for us too. I guess that goes to show that sometimes sticking it out can pay off. So moving forward we have to make up


Well it’s come to my attention that I had a page missing from chapter one when I uploaded the pages before the site’s launch. My apologies to anyone who read the story and was wondering what the heck happened… You can go to the missing page here. Turns out I hadn’t actually hit ‘publish’ so this page stayed in the