Well it’s come to my attention that I had a page missing from chapter one when I uploaded the pages before the site’s launch. My apologies to anyone who read the story and was wondering what the heck happened… You can go to the missing page here.

Turns out I hadn’t actually hit ‘publish’ so this page stayed in the drafts category…. but enough excuses lol. I’m hoping to get some time soon to start fixing a few of the things on the site that kind of bug me, but I’ll try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Thanks for all the patience!

We’re rolling!

Finished Con-G this past weekend! Learned lot’s and hopefully generated a little bit of interest in our corner of the webcomics universe. Anyone checking us out from Con-G welcome! We’ll be having regular updates from here on out now that the site is semi-finalized (at least to a point I can live with lol). I’ll try my best to make sure nothing is too disruptive from here on out but please be patient, my knowledge is still limited on webdesign at this point (I know I’m sounding like a broken record on this point). Anyways Tattoo Finnegan is set to update this March 4th with a new page and hopefully we will have a new creator on board soon with another title so please stay tuned!

And a quick shout out to Kailin “SleepyKiks” of samuraiprincess.com! It was great to get to meet and talk with someone who has experience with webcomics and conventions and your advice will come in handy for those of us just starting out here at Scorpicorn!

Official launch for Con G

So we are set to have the site finalized and set to run with regular scheduled updates for Con G (Feb 25-26th). Our creators for both Tattoo Finnegan and Crimson Eyes will be in attendance. Comics will be available as well as prints and we hope to meet lots of new readers while in attendance. For more information on the convention itself please visit their website at www.con-g.com/