Return to comics…

Hello everyone and thanks for hanging in there if you’ve been waiting all this time for more Tattoo Finnegan… This is going be a bit of a long post explaining what’s been going on these last 2+ years.

I was a little naive when I began the task of sharing this story that’s been locked up in my brain with the rest of the world. I had the first six chapters plotted out and all my rough thumbnails complete and was ready to go. Obviously I would simultaneously work on the finished page art and in my spare time create the thumbnails for later chapters… not too difficult right? Well I was wrong… writing, drawing and colouring a comic is a lot of work! Perhaps I could’ve managed if all I did was this comic and I didn’t have a full time job to worry about, or deal with a little something called a life.

Boy oh boy did I have some ‘interesting’ times in my life for a few years too (translation: life was very stressful). I won’t go into all the drama and challenges that life had in store for me for awhile but needless to say it became difficult to stay on top of my work on the comic. Once I ran out of my story buffer and thumbnails I was in real trouble! I tried to limp along page by page and after realizing the story was suffering along with my own mental health I decided I had to have a break. I’m sorry for the lack of explanation at the time but it was just a really painful decision for me.

So I focussed on myself and my own life for awhile. I’ve moved to a new place, got some major mental health problems addressed and most recently had a baby! I don’t regret my choice to stop and shift my focus for that time and honestly things have been so much better. But now I find my thoughts turning back to this story I left unresolved and can’t help but start to work on the story again. I’m looking forward to getting back to sharing the comic eventually, but it will take me awhile to get plotted and sketched out where I can begin on final pages again (so we don’t end up in this situation again).┬áSo for now I’ve pulled down what little of chapter 7 I had posted as there are things I need to fix…… but I’ll keep you posted now and again on my progress. Thanks for your patience and hopefully continued support!